Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ethiopian Air nailed us for another $50 and took my rolling carry-on and checked it.  We were just happy that it wasn't another $180!  Many, many people were having issues with this, and lots of bags were being checked.  We managed to get everything we needed for the flight including extra underwear into our other bags.

The airplane ride was longggggggg.  We were very squished.  Pumping was quite a chore when the guy in front of me put his seat back and our dinner came!!  William had both of our dinners on his tray while I pumped with my pump bag in my lap.  UGH. 

Who would have thought that we would celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary in Rome?  William presented me with my charm baby necklace with a new addition on it!  I also got an add-a-pearl to put on the necklace that he started on our wedding day.

We met lots of nice people in the airport and on the plane.  Most of the people on the plane were Ethiopian or on a mission trip.

We landed on time, and found the sign that was photographed by the Carpenters when they went to get our visas.  We and the Wempes found all of our bags.  Thank-you, God!  We were waived through the security after being questioned about what we had in our luggage.  Robel and the driver from the Addis View Hotel were there to get us right away and took us through the rain to the van.

The hotel was about 20 minutes from the hotel, and we have already seen more poverty than most Americans.  People were hunkered down in the rain under pieces of plastic.  And yes, they do have dogs here.  I won't be going near one even though they are cute.

Love to our parents and Jeremy, Marissa, & Annika.  I hope you're having fun!


Scott said...

Awesome! Enjoy every minute of the trip, it will be over before you know it. We are so excited for you, have a great time and learn as much as you can. Your son is so lucky to have such great parents.

beBOLDjen said...

Yeah! So glad to know you made it!

Jen said...

I'm so glad to hear you made it safe and sound. We'll be praying for you guys this week! Can't wait to see some pics of that sweet boy!!

Karen said...

Susan and William!!! So glad to hear you are in Ethiopia - the culminations of many months of prayer and waiting!!! Savor every minute! We are praying for you!! with love, Karen Wistrom

Rob & Candy said...

YAHHH! so glad yo umade it!
candy & Rob

Lori said...

Susan, Welcome! We are so happy to hear that you made it. Please email us anything that we need to know. I can't believe that we are following in your footsteps in 6 days.... We love ya!

Kiki:) said...

Susan...YOU MADE IT:))) We are just so thrilled to read your posts & updates!! Give Robel a big kiss from the Gibsons:)
You're meeting Benaiah tomm!! What a dream come true. We are praying that you all have a miraculous bonding & successful nursing.
You are amazing!!! WE love your posts & photos!! Keep them coming for your personal stalkers:))
love you,

K.P. said...

Yeah! So happy you are there...finally. Enjoy your trip. I felt such nostalgia reading that Robel met you at the airport with the driver. That is exactly how we arrived...down to following the Carpenter's pics. :) Please give Robel our love!


Jori said...

I am so glad you have arrived and all your luggage too! What a blessing!!! Am very excited to "see" you all tomorrow!!
love ya, jori

Jean said...

Hooray! How exciting! We can't wait to see those photos of your new blessing.

How romantic ~ Rome for your 17th. What are you planning for next year?!

Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to know that you arrived safely...and to smiling faces! Praise God!!

Aunt Patti