Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Update!


Arrival at AWAA Transition Home: 5.21.2008


M****** is on Bebelac-2 formula which is for children over 6 months, and also eats a cereal.


M****** is a good sleeper, and wakes twice during the night for a bottle. He takes a couple of naps during the day.


M****** is so happy, smiley, and loves interacting with people.


M*****'s skin is a beautiful shade of brown. He recently got his head shaved, and looks so handsome. He is still very strong! He is crawling around everywhere, and is always all over the place. He stands up well, holding onto furniture.


M****** has been very healthy since the last update.


weight: 13.2 pounds
height: 64 cm (25.2 inches)
head circumference: 41.5
Oh no! He is on the move!!!!!! Get out the baby gates!

Sorry that we couldn't share the photo, but close your eyes and picture a little, brown Ethiopian face with HUGE brown eyes and long eyelashes. He has some fuzz growing in on his head and is donning a light pink, polka-dotted, footed sleeper complete with ruffles on his bottom!

Our court date is one week from today!


E said...

Wow! I pray all goes well & travel planning will commence very soon!!!


2lilreds said...

I can't believe they shaved his little topknot! That was so cute! And he's moving - you lucky people. So glad to hear he's doing well.

Apryl said...

I'm sitting here with 'sleeping beauty' at the hospital catching up on all of the happenings of my bloggy friends (after not reading for so long...)

I've been praying about Oct 8 and can't wait to read about good news next week!
much love,

Yarnsmith said...

Woo hoo! Praying for good news on the court date! Chris

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

I can't wait to see your little guy crawling all over the place!!! :) Oh! so cute! :)
Your fellow TB
(that's Travel Buddy, not the disease!!! LOL)

April Isaacs said...

Yea!! So glad to see it is moving along!! Very interesting as far as the breastfeeding goes. I wish I had looked into it. I don't think Emme would go for it though... don't ask me how I know!:-)