Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Court Date!

Our court date is October 8, but Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of us. So, late Tuesday night on the other side of the world, a judge should grant us our precious baby boy.

Thank-you very much for your continued prayers.

We should hear something from our program director Wednesday afternoon. Please, don't call us to ask if we have heard because when we're waiting for important information such as this, it gives us a heart attack every time the phone rings! We will be watching for that "703" area code.

If we pass, there will be photos, so check back Wednesday afternoon! We will call you Mema, Grandma, & Grandpa!


the Steiger's said...

I can not believe the court date is here. I am so happy for you guys!!!
We are praing for VERY good news.
love, LEnka

Andrea said...

Best of luck tomorrow!

Rob and Heather said...

I am SO excited for you! We are praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh...and Aunt Patti. Don't forget to call Aunt Patti!!!!

:) Aunt Patti

Jori said...

Oh Susan, you are so being covered in prayer right now!! I am praying and fasting for the courts the next 24 hours!! Can't wait to see your little man!! :):):)
love ya, jori

Scott said...

We can't wait to hear the great news. Anxiously awaiting your blog post from Hawaii.

2lilreds said...

OK - this is me, not calling. Waiting less than patiently but not calling. My friend in TN emailed me this morning to tell me that she has 60 gnomes with a few more to collect! Woo hoo!