Friday, October 17, 2008

got formula? -part 2

This weekend at church, Hope Community (, there will be a yellow box on the end of the nursery registration counter (across from the sanctuary) for you to place your formula donations!

Thank-you to Heather for letting the MOPS group know how to help this precious, little people in Ethiopia! Thank-you MOPS mommies!

This is so cool to be able to directly make a difference!

Thank-you to all who will donate formula!!!


animaldoc said...
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animaldoc said...

I would love to help. We live in Morrisville and are in process to adopt from Ethiopia ourselves. let me know where and when...Dana

Susan said...

Dana, A collection box will be at Hope Community Church on Buck Jones Road on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

I don't have your email, so I hope you read this! Thank-you!


Team Dragovich said...

Susan... I'm sorry that the paperwork nightmare has hit you guys so close to travel!! It is so frustrating-- sometimes all I want to do is just scream as I watch all the sad things come across our YG. Thank you for working so hard on getting formula to the babies! I am praying that all the paperwork gets straightened out. Breathe in... breathe out... :D God is Good, He will go before you and His banner over you is Love!


Katie said...


For some reason I thought that the drop box would be upfront near the doors. I asked the people at the help desk and they didn't know where it was. I would still like to get some formula to you. Could you please email me your info again and I will drop it off.

Sorry for the mix up.