Wednesday, October 15, 2008

got formula?

Food is becoming a lot more expensive and scarce in Ethiopia. At least one of the orphanages that works with our agency is running very low on formula. They are not far away from having to give the babies in their care milk instead of formula. Traveling parents are the best way to get formula into the country, so we have been asked to take donations of formula. If anybody out there in blog land would like to donate either money or formula for us to take, it will directly benefit orphans in Ethiopia. We are willing to take an extra bag or container if we need to. We will need by next Tuesday or so. Thank-you!

We have hit another snag with getting Benaiah's visa to come home. In early September, we were told that our approval had expired in APRIL while it is actually good until next March. We had our information resent from immigration to the embassy, and it seemed that things were straightened out. Last week, we were told that the embassy thinks that our fingerprints expired in JULY. They are in fact good until December. So, here we go again. Please, pray that this gets fixed very quickly.

We are leaving home on Saturday, October 25. We leave Ethiopia late Thursday night and arrive home on the afternoon of Friday, October 31.

I feel stuck in the mud. I need to clean. I need to pack. Nothing is started.


April Isaacs said...

email me your address please... Home address

I feel your pain with the snags... Going to bed praying for you!!


HeatherV said...

I just emailed the MOPS yahoo group from Hope to ask for formula. I also have some to donate. Infant nutrition is dear to my heart and I hope you get more then just what I can donate.

What exactly is expired? Just want to make sure I pray for it specifically.

Can't believe you go pick up your boy soon. Are you going to blog while you are there?

Katie said...


I got a link to your blog from Heather in my MOPS group. I would love to help out with either formula or money, whichever would work best for you. Please let me know what you prefer.

God Bless you and your family!

Rob & Candy said...

Hey- any news on the Visa?? If I can make it to your house by Tuesday I will bring formula!! I may just send you some $ via paypal.
thanks for taking pictures of our boy!!