Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Day in Ethiopia!

We are sad to leave, but oh so happy to be going home today!

This morning we visited Kids Care Orphanage.  We were able to pass out gnomes and candy and see several of the little ones referred to our friends in the Yahoo! Group.  (After we were there your children were moved to the transition home!)  (Candy, HM didn't appreciate William picking him up!  The nannies say he is a good boy!)

We did some more shopping.  Daddy picked out something special for Marissa and Annika!

We had pizza for lunch.

We visited Gelgela Orpahnage where Meteku lived for a few weeks and passed out more gnomes! 

The children at both places loved the gnomes and smiled and nodded as they received them.  The toddlers were especially excited and bounced for joy!  We will post some photos in a few days.

We are at the hotel packing up to go to the airport soon. 

I can't wait to get back to the U.S. to see Jeremy, Marissa, and Annika and give them the biggest hugs.  Sorry, I will probably smell funny!


HeatherV said...

Welcome home. We have enjoyed following in your journey. What a blessing it has been for us seeing you with your son. And he is so gorgeous. We can't wait to see him in person! We are glad you had such a great trip. Enjoy being home with all four of you children. We will continue to pray for your family!

Kiki:) said...

We are praying you home. Its about 7PM so you're probably already at the airport ready to flyyyyyy!!! We are so happy for your family:))))
We can't wait to see more photos!!!
Thanking God for your "uneventful" visit to Addis Ababa:))) LOL
lots of love,

Lori said...

Susan, We are so excited that you are on your way home. We look forward to more pictures and stories from Ethiopia. Did you leave me a note in the bathroom? I am sorry that we will miss you by a few days....
love ya

Jori said...

Be safe!! Can't believe you are on your way home already ~ What a whirl-wind!!
love ya, jori

Rob & Candy said...

YAH! you got your VISA! wonderful. I am so excited for you.
thanks for the note about HM!
If I can get someone to pick up Igor at the bus stop tomorrow I will see you at the airport.