Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogging fromDC -- Now Addis

I'm writing this blog post from the DC airport. If all goes well, I
will find an internet connection and post this. Otherwise, you are
reading this after I posted from whenever I find an internet in Addis.

We left home today around 12 noon and headed to the RDU airport. We
had a surreal moment checking in all our bags. We really are flying
to Ethiopia and picking up our precious son. It was nice to get
everything sent off and we said a little prayer that everything
arrives in Ethiopia saftely. We found out as we were leaving the
ticket counter that Jorge was so slow and deliberate because it was
his first day on the job. United charged $180 for the 5th bag. Even
when Susan told them it was full of "formula and medicine for
orphans". We were preparred for this, but still hopeful that they
would let it go for free.

Nothing to report on the flight to DC. Right after we got off the
plane, we met up with John and Heather Wempe. Our travelling buddies.
They are on their way to get their little girl at the same Transition
home as Benaiah. We had a nice dinner together and plenty of time to
catch up.

We got checked in at the Ethiopian Airlines counter, and they charged
us another $50 to gate check one of our carry-on bags. They were
allowing carry-on bags up to 20 lbs, and we had one that was exactly
20 and one that was 27. We shuffled a bit and got what we will need
into one bag and paid the fee.

Right now, Susan is pumping for the first, but not last time this
trip(hopefully the picture attach worked), and we have about 2 hours
before they start boarding the plane.

We met a couple of really nice Ethiopian gentlemen in line for the
check-in. One is on his way to see the birth of his first child. We
struck up a nice conversation. The Ethiopian people sure are
friendly. Even when they charged us for the checked bag, it was still
with such a smile. And they are so beautiful. Susan was looking
around at all the passengers imagining what Benaiah will look like as
a young man and as an adult.

We miss you Jeremy, Marissa and Annika!

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kangaj1 said...

Racoon, racoon, racoon!! Good to hear updates from you! Praying, my friend.