Thursday, January 8, 2009

Melkam Yegenna Be'al (Merry Christmas in Amharic)

We celebrated the Orthodox Christmas with an Ethiopian feast! The kids were so excited to eat off of the mesob in the living room with Ethiopian music playing.

We didn't get to eat until after Jeremy's swim practice after 8 pm, so we all went at it like piranhas! Benaiah liked the lentils.

While I was in the kitchen getting *more* injera, I heard William tell the kids how happy he was that they all like Ethiopian food! I thought that was pretty cute!

We forgot to burn the frankincense. (If anybody who is traveling to Ethiopia finds a frankincense burner, please, pick it up for us!)


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

I AM SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!! How in the world do you make all that Susan?! Too bad we don't live closer...we could be celebrating together! :)
Merry Christmas to you all.
With love,

E said...

Wow! That's beautiful! I really regret not bringing home one of those tables...sigh. Anyway, what a beautiful feast!!!


Rob & Candy said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like so much fun!