Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 1 in Ethiopia

Today was our first full day in Ethiopia.  We both took an Ambien last night.  After I took mine, I broke my toe on the bed, fell onto the bed, and I couldn't get up!  I slept soundly until 5:30 am.  William says I was talking in my sleep.

We met our group for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  It was very good AND included with our room.  We left the hotel at 10 am (or so) and met Rachel, the transition home director, at the Ethiopian version of Starbucks for a meeting, and then had lunch at some Garden restaurant.  William and I both got Ethiopian dishes.  The injera was much more sour than at home.

After lunch was the moment we came for!  We went to the transition home to meet our children!  It was very surreal.  Meteku (Beniah) was fine with being handed off.  He did not make eye contact with us at first.  William and I passed him back and forth and told him about his big brother and big sisters.  After about 15 minutes, he fell asleep in my arms. 

We really enjoyed all of the children at the transition home.  I know those of you waiting to go are just dying.  Your children are precious!  I was especially smitten with the Laughner's little one.  He is a sweet heart!  Of course, they are all wonderful!  The bigger kids are lots of fun, and the girls liked to show me how well they jump rope and enjoyed the praise they received.  We delivered the care package to the Forrests' adorable little guy.  He really likes his car!  We know you all are dying for more photos, but the connection here is SO SLOW that we cannot load that many photos.  The Lusses alone took over 700 photos today! 

We were really please to see that the photo book and the lovey that we sent for Meteku months and months ago were in his little bed!  When we handed him his lovey, he grasped onto it and gnawed on the tags.  We both got to feed him bottles, and he gazed into our faces and even grabbed my nose and William's mouth.  Ouch. 

The VanWettens were so blessed today to meet their older daughter's birth mother.  It was very emotional and a strong spiritual experience for them.  You'll have to check their blog whenever she gets a chance to share their story.

We went out for an Ethiopian cultural experience for dinner.  It was traditional Ethiopian food including the hand washing and dancers.  We loved it!

We went to a store after dinner and stocked up on water and got some bebere spice and one can of the formula that Meteku is eating now.  It was expensive -$9 for a small can. 

William is feeling a little ill in the tummy.  He thinks that part of it is motion sickness from riding in the van.  The roads here or lack of roads here are getting to him.  Riding around is a true experience!! 

The hotel is nice.  We have a lot of room.  We bought the noise machine that KP recommended and were not woken by the call to prayer at 6 am or whenever it was.


Rob & Candy said...

did you really break your toe? I am so glad you have your son. So glad this day has finally arrived. I cannot wait to hear more.

Steve and Anna said...

So glad to hear from you!! We are praying for you all throughout our days!

abbyjess said...

We are so happy for you, William, and Beniah. I'm very glad to know he is already bonding with you. Of course, it's to be expected with such loving parents. Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home.

Paul and Holly West said...

Yea! So happy to hear about your first meeting with your son! We are so happy for you!

Dana C said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am so happy to see you holding him! He still looks just as little as when we left him back in June. He is so tiny- and precious. I cannot wait until you get back here because I want to squeeze you all. I am so happy for you Susan and William. You all have been on my heart so much- praying that you will take all of these things into your heart and ponder on them. Tell Rachel hello from the Cordells!

We love you dearly.
Thanks for the post...and sorry about the toe (ouch)


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I am so thrilled that you got to visit with your boy. I know it was hard to leave him but soon enough he will be all yours. We will continue to pray for ALL of you and your new children. I can't wait to see the little guy! Four more days.....

Aunt Patti

Jen said...

I can't believe he is finally in your arms!!! What a glorious day!! Praying for you all!!

Jori said...

Finally holdong him!!! Can you beleive it!! I am so happy for you guys ~ God is Good!! Be safe
love ya, jori

K.P. said...

Yeah for the noisemaker! Can you believe that I DIDN'T pack ours. I was SO glad to get home to it. If I were going again, that would so be in my 50 lbs. (I had bought a clock that was supposed to do the same things, but it fried...even with the converter.)

Happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see more when you get home.

Enjoy your trip.

Lori said...

Susan, We are so happy for your family. This will be one birthday present that won't be forgotten. Thank you for loving on our little one. I can't wait to talk to you.

Sherry said...

Susan & William - I am so excited that this day FINALLY arrived for you! It must have felt SO great to finally hold your babe! We cannot wait to see more pictures. Give our three hugs and kisses from us. Blessings! - Sherry Semlow

Karen said...

Thanks so much for all the great news Susan! Glad you have your baby in your arms finally! with love, Karen Wistrom

beBOLDjen said...

Making the rounds crying out of control with all the updates. So filled with joy!!! I can't believe the pictures. He's really in your arms!! YEAH!! We are praying for you all!!!

ethiHOPEia said...

Wow! Thanks so much for your interesting email...especially for delivering our package to our little man!

So glad you all are there and praying that you'll be free from sickness!

Kiki:) said...

What a special day!!!!!!!! We are just overjoyed knowing you have your son in the morning!!! I can't believe you broke your toe..OMGosh! That Ambien is a doozer, but you feel oh so good in the morning. We'll be praying for you toe. Benaiah is just adorable!!! We can't wait to hear & see more pics. Thanks for sharing details about the VanWettens...what a miracle for their family. Tell Amy that we're sooo proud to hear she took 700 photos. whoooohoooo!!!
We are praying you all home!

Gina said...

So happy for you! God Bless your family!
Gina DTE 8/29

Team Dragovich said...

It is so surreal to think about you guys finally being there! I hope your toe doesn't hurt too bad!!! And that William's tummy feels better. Tony HATES riding as a passenger-- even if it is in the front seat. He gets motion sickness easily. Uh-oh :)

Praise God for His mercies!!

Anonymous said...

William and Susan - we are so happy to see you w/ your newest family addition. I know your hearts must be overflowing w/ joy. Hope your toe feels better and that William's stomach survives the van rides. :-) Can't wait to meet your new little guy!


Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

So good to hear from you guys! Sounds like you are having an amazing time! We will keep praying for you and your time there :)

Carpenters said...

You're finally here! You have Beniah in your arms! What a beautiful picture! I am so happy for you both!

With Love,