Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're Half-way Through Swim Season!

Yesterday was cool -a high of only 85 degrees. We trekked over to a teeny-tiny retro pool in Raleigh. They haven't changed much since 1978! We got there early with our foot-long Subway sandwiches and situated ourselves behind the coaches who provide us with a lot of entertainment.

Marissa won her first-ever heat! (It was the 4th heat, and she swam against 2 of her own teammates, but who cares!?) We were all very excited for her, and her swimming is improving each week!

When William checked the heat sheets (the spreadsheets that tell the swimmers which heats and lanes in which they will swim for each event), we were surprised to see that Jeremy wasn't swimming the freestyle relay with the other 9-10 year-old boys. One of the other boys pointed out that Jeremy was to swim the freestyle relay with the 11-12 year-old boys. YIKES! Jeremy kinda freaked out at that news! They swim 50 yards instead of 25 yards, and he doesn't have a legal flip-turn perfected yet.

When we looked over behind the lanes to see if Jeremy was with his relay team, we couldn't help but notice that Jeremy was a good foot shorter than the 11-12 year-old boys! (My first though was "He's so much smaller!" My second thought was, "Is he going to grow *that* much this coming year!?") Jeremy's relay team started in the lead, and he did his part to hang onto it and pulled ahead some more! They won, and William and I breathed a sigh of relief! We were a little nervous for him too!

Our team's coach has been trying to recruit Jeremy for the year-round swim team where she also coaches, and the head coach from that year-round swim team was there and spoke to Jeremy about swimming for them. We're trying to figure out if Jeremy is ready to get that serious -swimming 4 times a week all year and how to fit it into the budget. He loves swimming, so we are seriously considering this.

Back to the weather... Marissa begged me to not make her swim the free-relay. It was so COLD by the time the sun went down! We did think to bring changes of warm clothes at least. They could have used more than 4 towels a piece though.

William got his birthday breadmaker today and is so happy!! We have been wanting this for a few years. I'm surprised that it isn't loaded up with dough yet!


Jori said...

YEAH Marissa and Jeremy! Go swimmers! Glad to hear you are keeping busy and cool (are you gonna share some fresh bread??) :):)
love ya, Jori

Rob & Candy said...

congrats Marissa and Jeremy!
William enjoy your breadmaker. we have one. The temp was so cool this morning I made Italian Parmesan Cheese bread- yummy.

HeatherV said...

Very exciting! Congrats to Marissa and Jeremy!

Logan won his first heat winner on Tues. - he swam against one swimmer from our team so he had a 50 / 50 chance :) But he was SO excited and green is his favorite color.

Happy 4th.

Anonymous said...

I expect bread at the next family dinner! : )