Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Away Meet!

Tonight was our last away meet!! There was a pirate theme, and the coaches looked great! I'm so sorry that I didn't take our camera!!

The night began with a moment of silence. One of the pool's (the other pool) members disappeared on Saturday and was found murdered today (Tuesday). Please, say a prayer for Nancy Cooper's family. She left behind 2 little girls. (The story is HERE.)

Our team got beat really badly again, but we *always* get beat by this team. The big surprise was that they didn't beat us as badly as they have beat other teams this year and we've lost by more this year! Ha ha. We showed them!

Jeremy swam 2 main events, and won his heats in the other 2 events. His freestyle relay team won. They work so well together!

Marissa had fun, played cards, and made a new friend who has called here for her already! Marissa said that she was saying "Good luck" to one of her teammates, and this little girl thought she was talking to her. She stuck pretty close to Marissa for part of the night. Marissa seems to collect friends everywhere she goes!

Next week, we are hoping that Annika will swim her first meet. We have proposed a nice bribe for her, so stay tuned!

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Jori said...

Wow, what a sad story!
I hope annika swims (I want to know the bribe!! :):))