Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fellowship of the Ring

by Jeremy

Happy July4Th! Last night (because I read the EXTREMELY long book the Fellowship of the ring.[trying not to brag] ) We(me,mom,and dad) Watched the EXTREMELY long movie ... over 3 hours!

Things I liked about it:

1. It was 3 hours long(get to stay up REALLY LATE! [past 1 a.m.!] )

Do you not think the photo above looks cool? (special effects were great)
3. It was SCARY.
4. It wasn't 20 hours long LOL! (-: (-:
5. It was NOTHING like the book.

Things I didn't like

1. It was nothing like the book(-:
2. Some of the scenes were stretched out too long.
3. Too many things were left out .
4. Lothlorian and Galadriel were all wrong.
5. Too much was revealed of Merry and Pippin's whereabouts at the end of the movie.

P.S. I was sick that day)-: so I got to drink cream soda, kool-Ade ,and tea(-: .

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Billy said...

Congratulations on your formal induction into the fellowship of guys who like movies with orcs! This is a major milestone in your life and a required stepping stone toward a degree in computer science! Just Kidding! I too am a huge fan of the book, and like to trotting down the road with Frodo or Bilbo every fall or so. When the movies came out I was ecstatic - Tolkein is so creative, and yet leaves the reader the room to fill in the details about they way character's or places look, such that I think everyone has their own unique vision of middleearth. There were many things I thought the movie got right, like Gandalf, and the "Shadow," oh and the very scary RingWraiths! But for me, mostly Frodo was all wrong, I pictured him much plumper, maybe more like Sam's character looked - with rosy cheeks or something. Bilbo - however was perfect. I hope you enjoy reading the other books in the series, I'm very impressed that you made it through the whole book. I think of passages or places in the book sometimes when I'm out in the woods, or climbing around the appalations when I visit my parents in South Carolina. PS - what about Tom? I mean come on? How could they not put that in? I love the whole thing with the sleepover at Tom and Goldberry's and in my mind it's the perfect b&b! It is also a refreshing story, about burden, and sacrifice and love, and as you are learning - these literary themes stick with us for a long time. TAKE CARE Jeremy! The road goes ever on and on....