Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Last Meet that Wasn't

Tuesday, we arrived at the pool at 4:20 pm donned in capes and decorated with Sharpie markers. It was SUPERHERO night!

As warm-ups began, Annika joined the 6 and unders for the first time at a meet. Coach Jeannine had to tell her "Ready GO!" about 7 times before she would jump in. After a short break on the lane line, Annika swam past the yellow rope at 15 yards. She then received a little verbal instruction about how she only gets one chance to go when the starter tells her to go.

Minutes later, the thunder began, and eventually, the decision was made to postpone the meet until Wednesday night.

Wednesday's forecast was worse than Tuesday's. The thunder began after 4 pm. I decided that we wouldn't leave the house until it slowed down. At 5 pm, I called the pool to find out that the meet was called off.

(Abs by Sam.)

Since before Annika's birth, William has worked from home full-time. This week, he is in a class -all day, every day- like "normal" daddies do. Today, Annika asked "Will we get to see Daddy at night again?" She is so not used to William leaving us! (Me either!)


abbyjess said...

That's are the cutest photos. Marissa and Annika are so beautiful and Jeremy is so handsome (esp the abs). I know what you mean about when Daddy is gone. Adrian had a class in June and I was always VERY ready for him to come home. I really don't know how other moms do it alone and I hope I never have to find out.

Jen said...

Awesome pics! Nathan is very impressed at Jeremy's ab muscles!

beBOLDjen said...

The kids look so cute with their "tattoos". Too funny. The abs are a crack up!