Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hawaii at the Pool!!

I believe because the coaches knew that we would be slaughtered at the meet this week, they decided to have Hawaiian night! It was lots of fun. Those are the coaches in the photo! Aren't they cute!?

We watched a large, ominously black cloud roll in just as breaststroke began. We began to gather our belongings, and Mom eagerly volunteered to go home with Annika just as the first bolt of lightning split the sky. The remaining of us made it to the car before the rain began, and sat there for 1/2 hour until we were told that we would be resuming our meet the next day at 6 pm beginning with 9-10 boys breaststroke. Great. The storm subsided as we went our separate ways, of course!

So, back we go tonight! (weather permitting!)

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Jori said...

What a fun looking bunch! Gotta love coaches that really love kids!!
love ya, Jori