Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FSOTD (Funny Story of the Day): Granola

Strictly speaking, this is not an adoption story, but I just wanted to share a really funny story. Today, Susan had taken Jeremy and Marissa to swim practice, so I was home alone with Annika when she woke up. About 10 minutes after she woke up, she announced her plans to have granola for breakfast -- her favorite. When I told her there was no more granola in the house, she said "Well, we need to get in the blue car and go to the grocery store and buy some granola for me to have for breakfast." I explained that was not really possible since I had to work. She thought for a minute and said "Then we will wait for the phone to ring, and then tell mama to pick up the granola on the way home." I told her that was reasonable, and convinced her to have some Rice Krispies while she waited for the phone to ring (and just in case it didn't exactly work out that way :-) since Susan rarely has occasion to call after swim practice.). She ate and enjoyed the Rice Krispies, Susan didn't call, and I didn't hear any more about the granola -- we'll see what tomorrow brings. Annika is truly a woman in training who knows what she wants and has a good idea how to get it.

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Susan said...

Guess we need to get to Trader Joe's and buy a few boxes of granola for the lady!!!