Friday, July 27, 2007

Progress Update #11

WOW #11 already!

Our marriage certificate arrived on Monday from the OH Secretary of State! I must say that the seal is not a beautiful as the one from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia's seal is very shiny, and they put our paper in a large envelope so that it wasn't folded. Ohio crammed ours into a self-addressed-stamped envelope and the seal is a dull gold. (Just glad to have it though!) I'm wondering what NC has?

Sunday, we got emails from the passport service that our passports had been mailed and that they should arrive by Wednesday, July 26, and THEY DID! They took 13 weeks to process.

Wednesday, I realized that our birth certificates also needed to be authenticated by the Ohio Secretary of State. DUH! I was in denial that they needed to go. I should have sent them with the marriage certificate. Oh well. At least I have something to look forward to getting next week.

We're hoping to get out fingerprinting appointments...sometime. William has jury duty August 6, so we're hoping that it will not conflict with our fingerprinting appointment. The fingerprints are required to get our approval from immigration, and we'll have to drive to Charlotte for the day to get them done.

Still waiting on the medical forms from our doctor...

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