Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our "Blalbum"

What is a "Blalbum?" It is our blog in an album! I decided that with all of the time and effort we've put into our blog, I wanted to be able to show it to our children when they get older, and chances are it will not exist on the internet indefinitely.

Our new Canon printer/copier/fax machine has "Easy-WebPrint" which formats the web page to fit onto the paper. Pretty cool! I had planned on somehow cutting and pasting our entries to print them, but stumbled upon the Easy-WebPrint by accident. It doesn't look exactly like the web page, but good enough.

I'm such a geek that I put the pages in "acid-free," "archival quality" sheet protectors, and I must find the perfect notebook to put them in.

So, make sure you make lots of nice comments on our blog for our "Blalbum!" We'll read them when we're old and have fond memories of you! ;-) Just click on "comments" below the entries to add your 2 cents!

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