Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Progress Update #9

Whew! I am just tired!

This was our last full week of swim team with yet another weather delay (2 1/2 hours!) on Tuesday with another delay and cancellation on Wednesday. So, it was declared a tie. Only one more meet left.

Monday, we had our home visit with our social worker. Our home now includes a *new* fire extinguisher and a *new* carbon monoxide detector. So, everyone should feel safe when they visit. :-) She knows almost everything about us now!

Tuesday, I went for my follow-up appointment with my doctor and got a meningitis vaccination. OW!

Last week we had sent our marriage certificate to the Ohio Secretary of State to have it authenticated, and also received it back with a note saying that it needs to be signed by a judge rather than the deputy clerk who signed it. Bleh!! Anyway, the nice lady at the Montgomery County Probate Court is sending us a new one with a judge's signature that should be here next week. God bless her!

For our dossier, (the collection of official papers that goes to Ethiopia with our request for a child) I had wanted to get pictures of each room when the whole house was clean for our homestudy, but I've been so busy this week that it didn't happen. I'm sure it will be clean again before our paper from immigration gets here in November or so!

Maybe, we'll get our medical forms and new marriage certificate next week!? Stay tuned!

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