Friday, July 6, 2007

Progress Update #8

We and another local family adopting from Ethiopia met with our social worker on Monday for adoption education. It helped to prepare us for health and emotional challenges that come with adoption, and we also were educated on African hair and skin care. We felt like we were from Mars for that part! People with African heritage have a lot of moisturizing to do -skin and hair! (Tips are welcome from friends with experience! Favorite product suggestions are appreciated also.)

Our home visit with out social worker is next Monday, so we're working on getting the house straightened up.

~Swim Team Update~ (Proud Mama Warning!)

This week, our team swam against our dear friends' team, so we enjoyed visiting. We were dying as we watched Marissa and Miriam as they stepped onto the starting blocks to begin freestyle and discovered each other. Their looks were priceless!

Both Jeremy and Marissa had a very good night! The best ever! (AND it didn't thunder!)

Marissa swam her first main event ever (the "main event" is the first round of the stroke that counts for points for the meet) for breast stroke, and to all of our surprise, she placed third and earned a point for the team!!!

Jeremy, the boy who couldn't swim across the pool last year when swim team began, learned to dive last week, and it had a very positive effect on his times! He placed 4th in freestyle, won the 2nd heat for backstroke, placed 3rd in breast stroke, and 2nd in butterfly! AND his 9-10 year-old medely and freestyle relay teams both placed 1st! We were amazed! Who knew that this little guy who hung on my neck for 4 years in the pool could do that? :-)

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