Saturday, July 21, 2007

Progress Update #10


Tuesday night's swim meet was thundered-out during freestyle to be continued on Wednesday evening. We finished Wednesday and were beat pretty badly, but we all still had lots of fun! In a season with 6 scheduled swim meets, we have had to prepare and go to 9 to get 5 completed meets! What a crazy season!

We had a favorable week for adoption. Our new marriage certificate arrived on Monday, and we shipped it out on Tuesday to the Ohio Secretary of State. It arrived in Columbus, OH on Thursday, and we hope to see it again early next week!

Saturday, we went out for Ethiopian food with our new friends who are moving in 3 weeks! ACK! It was sort of a "Gotcha Day" celebration with their beautiful daughter, Megan. Our kids and their kids had a blast playing together!

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Heidi W said...

Hey, I know them! :)