Saturday, June 30, 2007

Progress Update #7

Things are slowing down on the paperwork front.

Monday after morning swim practice, Jeremy and I ran the paperwork and TB test cards to our pediatrician for her to fill out the very simple forms for us. They were ready to be picked up the next morning!

I also realized that I needed to ask three people -preferably who live in NC so that we will just add them to the pile of things to be certified by the NC Secretary of State- to write glowing letters of recommendation to the Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs in Ethiopia.

We had our first visit with out social worker on Wednesday morning. I fell apart right away though because the first thing she asked me was, "What values did you learn from your dad who died in 1998?" BOO HOO!

We were able to give our social worker the remainder of the pile of papers for our homestudy with the exception of our medical reports which we're still working on. William and I both go back to the doctor in the next week or two.

We meet again with another AWAA family on Monday evening for some adoption education.

Swim team was a mess this week between the weather and a "CODE BROWN" in the pool that closed it Monday and Tuesday. Our meet on Tuesday was disrupted by thunder and finished on Wednesday. Thursday night's practice and the team photo were cancelled and postponed.

Jeremy is nailing his dives off of the starting block today and is ready to go for next week!

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