Friday, June 15, 2007

Progress Update #5

Last week we got our I-600A mailed back again. I think that was all we got done while we were sick. I don't remember much of last week.

Swim team is in full force! We have practice twice a day and meets from 5-10 PM on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks or so. It is intense, but the kids LOVE it and WANT to do it.

Finally, a week in which we accomplished something tangible (in between swim practices)!

  • MONDAY-Susan visited the ever exciting local field office of the Social Security Administration to request a replacement card since she misplaced hers somewhere (probably next to her brain -wherever that is!)
  • We mailed our requests in for our credit reports.
  • TUESDAY -We all took a field trip the CCBI, City County Bureau of Identification, in beautiful downtown Raleigh to get our criminal background reports which say NOTHING.
  • WEDNESDAY -All five of us were subjected to tuberculosis screenings at the hands of our county public health official. Jeremy got shaky, so all of our kids got bottles of juice. Other consolation prizes were toothbrushes and stickers. (Susan got an Orlando Bloom "Pirates of the Caribbean" sticker too!)
  • William finally finished his autobiography with some surprising revelations!
  • We stuffed everything that we have gathered thus far into an envelope and shipped it to our social worker so that she can begin her part of the homestudy! YEAH!
  • FRIDAY -We went back to the health department to show them that we did not have TB. (Susan got a Johnny Depp "Pirates" sticker!)
  • We received a receipt from USCIS (immigration) with a letter saying that our I-600A application has been accepted!


Coming next week -dealing with doctors!


Heidi W said...

ooooh, Orlando Bloom, huh? I'm actually a Captain Jack fan, myself. Savvy, Mate?

Susan said...

I like them both! Orlando is just my fist pick! (His character does have better hygiene!)

We bought my mom the Captain Jack life-size cut-out for her birthday, and it is in her office at SAS! :-D