Saturday, June 23, 2007

Progress Update #6

This was another good week to accomplish stuff! (Boring to read about, I imagine!)

Susan went for her physical on Wednesday. She got a tetanus booster, a Hepatitis A vaccination, and a prescription for an oral Typhoid vaccination.

William's employment verification and proof health insurance letters arrived from IBM on Thursday.

On Friday, William had his physical exam.

Next week, we will be joining another family from Chapel Hill to meet with our social worker for the first time!

We're still waiting on passports (9 weeks wait this coming Monday), fingerprinting appointments, and credit reports.

The kids have been sick with high fevers, coughing, and have lost their voices. Annika sounds like Gollum. :-) William was having her say "What has it got in its pocketses?" and "My birthday present," but I liked it when she said, "My precious." Who knew sickness could be fun?

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Heidi W said...

I'm sorry the kids are sick. I'm sick too. I'm glad to hear the paperwork is making progress. :)