Friday, June 22, 2007

Abbyssina Again!

Monday, we went back for Ethiopian food at Abyssinia with William's parents, Jim & Marty. It was very busy there! The food came much faster than our first visit and was very good.

We had beef and lentil sambusas (fried pies), Kay Wat (beef), Doro Wat (chicken), Yebeg Alicha (lamb), cracked yellow peas, and lentils.

Marissa & Jeremy ate very well! I think the food is growing on them. Jeremy loves Kay Wat, and Marissa ate the injera instead of reusing the same piece for every bite! Annika ate a whole sambusa and then just had a few bites of meat with a fork.

Jim liked the food mostly. He doesn't like spicy food, so the Doro Wat was not a favorite for him, and Marty did not like the injera which is needed to eat the food. I think it is a flavor that grows on you.

Thanks for dinner!

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