Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Next?


Our next step is for our agency representative to appear in court on our behalf to adopt Benaiah. The Ethiopian court will not be hearing cases from early August through early October. This means that if we are to bring Benaiah home this summer, our case needs to be heard in court before the first of August.

We are thankful to hear that some of the families with our agency received court dates for July 15! If all goes well, they should be going to get their children in early August. (Yes, this is when we thought we would be going.)

This wonderful news for them makes our situation look bleak... Their referrals were as long ago as the end of April.

If we do not pass court before it closes, we will be looking at bringing our Benaiah home in October or November. As you can imagine, to even think about this real possibility breaks our hearts. We never imagined that we would be put in this situation.

We know that he is fed and loved in our agency's transition home, but we hate to think that by the time we get him, he will have spent 5 or more months there instead of with his family here.

But we do have HOPE! Please, pray that the court will show favor to our agency and that ours and our dear friends' cases will pass court before it closes.


Carpenters said...

We'll be praying.

With Love,

Jen said...

You're in the McClard Family Prayer Journal...we're praying you can go get that little guy SOON!

shawn and tisha said...

Praying that you'll get a court date soon!!! Maybe you'll get lumped in with us!

Jori said...

It is heartbreaking to know he is there and you can't go get him ~ I am hoping and praying that everyone at this point can get through court and bring home their kiddos this summer! It would be much better for you and them and then for the courts to not be as backed-up! Praying, Praying, Praying!!
love ya, Jori

Karen said...

Susan - we are joining you in fervent prayer and praying that we will be travelling with you to pick up our 2 little boys as well. I spoke to Duni today and she is focusing on getting families with referrals through court before it closes. With love - Karen Wistrom

Team Dragovich said...

We are praying and hoping with you :D!!!


HeatherV said...

I am praying for your court date.