Monday, June 16, 2008

Atlanta Weekend -Part 2

SATURDAY, we were planning on going to the Georgia Aquarium. It has opened since we moved away, and we had never been there. However, it turns out that it is a still a very popular place to go. Thankfully, we checked online before leaving Steve & Amy's and found out that we had to buy timed tickets, and they were SOLD OUT for the day! (Note to selves: buy tickets for the GA Aquarium before we leave home.)

Not to worry though, we had a "Plan B" that worked. The *new* World of Coca-Cola. We had fun together. The kids weren't too impressed with the artifacts. There was a 4-D movie that our daring Marissa enjoyed that terrified Jeremy & Annika! The new facility features a working bottling plant which supplies the museum with a price-included (I can't say "free!") souvenir for visitors to take home. Jeremy was very excited about this.

The very best part of the World of Coca-Cola was the tasting room where there were 64 different Coke products to taste! William tasted most of the 64, and Jeremy had around 44 different kinds. We agreed that the sodas in Africa were very tasty! Latin America -not so much. Beverly which is sold in Italy is disgusting!! Fanta Menthe from Africa was very interesting -kinda like mouth wash! Annika declared when she tasted Cherry Coke, "This is the bestest Coke in the whole world!" I really think that she had the authority to say such a thing since she had just tasted a lot of Coke products from all over the world!

For the rest of the day, we had a lot of trouble making it to the bathrooms! We tried to see Centennial Olympic Park, but William had to sprint Annika to a bathroom only to not make it. She had gone 5 minutes before! (Note to selves: If we ever take anybody under 5 to the World of Coke, we should put a pull-up on him or her! )

Now, that we had one in our party with no pants (we did find a size 3 diaper in the car that had been there for a LONG time!), we were faced with the challenge of where to find lunch. We began heading toward home when we remembered that the world-famous The Varsity has car hops who bring your food to the car! We love The Varsity! YUM!! While we were there, William was interviewed for a documentary for public television to celebrate the 80th year of The Varsity!! One of their car hops (they are so cute!) has been there for 55 years! We enjoyed our burgers, fries, onion rings, frosted orange drinks, more Coke, and fried peach and apple pies, and Annika had what they call a "nekid dog," which is a plain hot dog.

Later, Jeremy, William, Steve, and Bryan enjoyed a LOUD game of Lord of the Rings Monopoly!

We had a very tasty dinner at Crescent Moon Eatery at the Mall of Georgia. YUM!

We finished our evening enjoying You Tube videos (like this!) on the GINORMOUS TV that Steve has hooked up to his computer.


Carpenters said...

Susan, you all are a riot! It looks like you had so much fun this weekend. I can't believe that you still had size 3 diapers in the car. Our emergency car stash is size 3, but our little ones are less than 25 pounds. Too funny.

Who won the monopoly game? Gabe loves monopoly and is always looking for new opponents. The game just takes too long for me.

With Love,

Leslie-Jean said...

Beware the Beverly!!!! They have 8 free coke samples from around the world at Station Cool in EPCOT and the Beverly is one of them. What are those Italians thinking?

Looking forward to seeing William in the docu on PBS.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend with all of your fans. I feel like I went on a virtual vacation just reading about it.

Jean said...

Wow! It's like flashback from how many years ago ??? when you took us to all those places...Coke World, The Varsity, and Stone Mountain. We can't wait to come back and visit with you guys when we are home! Thanks for jogging the 'ole brain!

Jean and Scott

Jori said...

I love the coke~a~cola shop in Vegas! What a faun thing to do.
Blessings, Jori

Steve said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I got Rick-Rolled! Too funny!