Monday, June 9, 2008

Swimmers Take Your Mark....


Here we go with our 3rd swim season! Tonight was our time trials. The club runs them like a mini-meet so that the parents can get the gist of their jobs.

It was stinking hot! We were under a heat advisory. We are home and settled, and it is down to 90 degrees now that the sun is down.

William is entering his second season as a starter.

It was my fist time as a timer. I think I can handle it.

We have fulfilled 2 of our 5 job obligations in one night! Yay!


the Steiger's said...

You GO S. Team!!!!
PS: It is nice and hot here as well. And humid. We are trying to stay cool.

Jean said...

How funny! Your swim team has just begun and ours has just ended! Scott has been timer many times but I finally stepped up to help time for the very last meet. I said I would do it ONLY if I could share the lane with Scott. ;-)

Have a great season swimmers!


Katie R. said...

oh, memories!! I was a competitive swimmer for years! I miss it! My brother was a swimmer, too, in high school, & I got to time at some of his meets. My dad used to be a stroke/turn judge in the early days. If I lived a little close to you Susan, I'd volunteer to time in the same lane as you, & we could sit & talk swimming & adopting little Ethiopian boys! :) hee-hee!

What strokes do your kiddos do best?

Leslie-Jean said...

Susan, you make timing look good:)
Here's to a super swim team season.

Go IMPS!!!!

Jori said...

So glad you have the warm weather to be swimming. So are still only in the low 60's today and maybe (weather man says) up to 70 and then, could it be, we might hit low 80 on the weekend?! I am so ready for some HOT summer weather! :) I know, I know ... I will complaine after it's been here awhile but until then .... bring it on!
Praying for court dates and then some travel news! Come on MOWA!
Blessings, Jori

Carpenters said...

My moms a swim coach, so long before I was on the team, I was timing and running cards back and forth for the meets. I love swimming and don't get to do it much at all now a days.

How interesting that Katie Redfern also swims. We could all time for the meets and talk all about our little ones and swimming. I'll also echo her question about the kids best events. I was a 500er. Any long distance swimmers in your family?

With Love,