Monday, June 16, 2008

Atlanta Weekend -Part 1

Last Thursday, we headed back to Lawrenceville, GA where we lived for 5 years. Jeremy was born there. Most things have changed, but one important thing has remained... our friends Steve and Amy are still there. It has bee a year since we have seen them, and in that time, they have a son! So, we had to go see the baby!

Friday, we recovered from our trip down, but then ventured out to Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant in Decatur. We got to watch a woman roasting coffee in a pan, and the ladies there loved William's shirt that says "Dad" in Amharic! We tried kitfo for the first time. It is RAW ground beef with spices. (It is the bright red stuff in the middle of the platter.) William liked it. I would eat it to keep from starving.

After dinner, we headed to Stone Mountain with Steve to see the laser show. I think the kids were impressed. Annika told me if I didn't buy her a light up toy, she would flick me in the head. I laughed and told her to go ahead and flick me, so she did and laughed. After the show, she notified me that we could get her light up toy then. She is so funny.

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