Monday, June 16, 2008

Atlanta Weekend -Part 3


Steve & Amy served barbecue pork with corn pancakes. It was really good. I can't say that we've had anything like it for breakfast before, but William now has the recipe, so I imagine that we will have it again.

William opened his Father's Day gifts.

Then, William was surprised by a GIANT birthday cookie and presents from Steve & Amy!

Our family has a Father's Day tradition that we were happy to share with first-time father, Steve. We have a water bomb/squirt gun battle! I spent the morning filling 100 camouflage water bombs, and we had purchased a small Super Soaker for Steve for Father's Day. After he opened his gift, the battle was on! Two daddies versus 3 kids. The water bombs were NOT for the daddies to use, but they could return fire of one that didn't pop on them. Amy, Jason, and I enjoyed the entertainment!

Thank-you, Steve, Amy, & Jason!!!

Then, we drove home, and Annika got a fever of course!


Team Dragovich said...

Too long since we have chatted :)... missed you while you were gone and I'm so glad to see you had such a great time in Atlanta!! We were there a few years ago (Tony had a convention there and we got to tag along) It was fun, fun-- but the aquarium wasn't opened yet. The boys liked Olympic Park a lot and we went to Zoo Atlanta. Not too much else though-- the Coke plant would have been a blast! I cracked up at the potty story!!! That would have been Sam for sure; that boy can drink some fluid, and if it were Coke... well, need I say more?

Weren't the kids totally buzzed after that?? Too funny!

Glad your home!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday William!!! Sounds like you had a great Father's Day.

Jean & Scott

Jori said...

Gotta love "Fathers Day" and even better with a water fight! You always seem to have so much fun together and thanks for letting us in on it! I am still praying for CD to be soon.
Blessings, Jori

Rob & Candy said...

Hey! welcome back. Your trip sounded like so much fun. I totally can relate to trying all the coke at the Coke plant... some of them are good and others are well, yucky.
Cannot wait to hear that you passed court. I will call when VBS is over.