Sunday, May 4, 2008

Awana is Over!!

Grandma & Grandpa came the weekend for a visit and to attend the Awana awards. This afternoon while William cooked on the Big Green Egg, Grandpa pushed Annika on the "Orbitron" while William and Jeremy pounded Grandma and Marissa in a game of Baggo.

This was the first and last year for all three children in Awana. Jeremy was awarded the Truth & Training Book 3 award and the Timothy award for finishing the 4th and final book in the T&T program. Marissa earned her Hiker book award, and Annika also received an award for finishing her Cubbies book. We are very proud of each of them.

After the award presentation, there was a carnival for the kids. They ate lots of sugar and had fun.

We love Awana, but we are happy that it is finished for the year!

Grandpa & Grandma are leaving in the morning. We had a nice time with them. Hope to see you *soon* when we leave to get our baby!


Jen said...

Wow, you are fast getting your pics up!! Thanks for posting a link to what the "big green egg" was, we were very curious!!!

the Steiger's said...

Great job kids. (and mom) Special congrats to Jeremy on his Timothy award. I know that is a big deal. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Team Dragovich said...

We couldn't keep up with AWANA after a couple of years... The boys enjoyed it, but we were always so glad when it was over :)... Looks like the kids had fun at the party!