Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bumping UP!

This was an exciting week for families in the America World Ethiopian program! There were 4 families who received referrals on Friday, and another family will get theirs early next week!! We are rejoicing with them and are happy to be closer to our own referral!

I believe there are 4 families traveling this week. They left Friday and Saturday and will return home with their babies next weekend!

Our friend Brenda has extended the deadline for giving us 25% of her Mary Kay sales through the end of May! You must buy through her link for us to receive credit! Thanks!

Most of our Saturday was spent at the soccer. We had games at 8:30 am, 11:30 am, and 1 pm. We baked in the sun, and out of desperation sat under umbrellas during the last game. Jeremy began a growling movement during his game. He would charge the ball and growl at the other team! Before we knew it, there were 16 growling, snarling, and screaming boys on the field! It was wild and hilarious! (I hope our new little guy is just as crazy as the rest of us!)


Team Dragovich said...

I know that the little boy God has for your family will be just as good at growling :)!! Where are you on the list? Or, do you not play the "list" game? I can't decide if it is good or bad-- BOTH, I think! I have to say, that your patience is beautiful and at just the right time, God will bless your efforts with the child He has planned for your family from the beginning :)...

PS...I am sending a check to you early this week... I'm not sure if I still have your address. I will look for it, and let you know if I can't find it :)

the Steiger's said...

You are getting closer!!! I can not wait for you! We are taking it easy this spring but we will have a busy summer.

HeatherV said...

It does feel good to know you are one step closer to getting "the call" for your baby boy!

Hoping and praying your call comes soon!

Lori said...

You are making your way up the list and we can't wait to hear your shouts of joy. Praying for referrals.