Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Funnies

A couple of months ago, Jeremy made up a silly song which Annika poached and revised into what you see / hear in this clip. The words go like this: "I ride my ukulele on the low way . . . no the highway . . . no the low way"

Enjoy our little freakshow.


the Steiger's said...

Your kids and my kids would have a blast playing together. Silly kids.

Team Dragovich said...

Hilarious!!!!! I love the bouncing bow and the sibling interaction at the end-- perfect!!

Carpenters said...

How fun! I love making up silly songs. Gabe has laughed at a few of mine, but he couldn't deny that my diaper changing song helped to keep Josiah still for a while. It doesn't work any more, so I'm thinking of a new one. The girls are a blast.

With Love,