Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Icky Weather = Canceled Trip

Before packing up our clothes for our camping trip to Ocracoke Island, I decided to check the weather. This week is not pretty -cold and rainy. Nobody wants to celebrate my birthday being cold and miserable, so we're postponing our adventure. (William had checked the weather, and it had forcasted "partly cloudy" with which we could have lived.)

After the disappointing decision was made, William took the kids shopping. This was the first time that the kids have wanted to buy a gift with their own money! He says that they had a difficult time agreeing on what to purchase, but they did accomplish their mission. They also popped by Chocolate Smiles to get some truffles to cheer me up.

Now, we're trying to figure out what "Plan B" is!


Team Dragovich said...

I'm sad that you needed to cancel your trip. I agree. Camping in the rainy cold is not really fun :)! I hope you will come up with a GREAT plan B!!

Hugs and Happy B-day!

K.P. said...

Hope Plan B makes for a great birthday!

THanks for the comment on our blog. I really am ok and didn't mean to sound depressed. :) (Needed more smileys in my post...) I'm ready to see this kids face! :) We will be waiting almost 7 months by the time 3-4 weeks is over. Not too encouraging for those that are just getting started.

Happy B-day!

shawn and tisha said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you are still able to have some fun! :)

Jill Coen said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope Plan B was even better than Plan A!!!

love, jill

Rob & Candy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jen said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday! I'm sure Plan B was terrific...whatever it was!