Monday, May 19, 2008

The Transition Stage of Labor

This week the 7-month mark since our dossier was shipped to Ethiopia came and went. We were told that we could expect our referral in 4-7 months our paperwork was finished when we signed up for the program, so we are a bit discouraged to say the least... *sigh*

On the up side, we can see that God is preparing us to receive our referral

  • He used the church service on Mother's Day to prepare our hearts
  • He is providing the large amount of money that it will require to bring our child(ren) home
This is exhausting and frustrating, but we know that the end *must* be near at this point.

Today, I was talking to my friend LJ who equated where I am emotionally with the transition stage of childbirth! (from Birthing Naturally website)

Transition is generally the shortest part of labor, lasting 15 minutes to half an hour on average. However, this is also the most intense part of labor for many women. Some women find that being reminded that they are in transition increases their ability to handle the intensity.

The major emotional marker for this stage is giving up. It is in this part of labor that most women ask for medication. This is unfortunate since the shortness of this stage of labor may cause the mother to be pushing before she has received any medical pain relief. When physical signs indicate transition, it may be best to hold out, handling the contractions as best as possible.

Physical signs of transition include shaking or trembling which may resemble shivering or could be stronger. Nausea and vomiting are also common signs. In addition to these, some women will feel hot and cold flashes or have cold sweats. Other women may begin burping or hiccuping as the body prepares.

Another physical sign is the inability to relax or be comfortable. A woman who was handling labor well may suddenly find that she has no idea what to do and nothing is comfortable any more. At this point, it is the job of her coach or labor partner to assist her into various positions in an attempt to find the one that will keep her most comfortable.

Transition is the time when the mother is the most emotionally needy as well. Some women need constant reassurance that they are ok and the baby is fine. This may be due to the overall "giving up" and feeling that she is out of control. Most women will respond well to positive encouragements and some require no special consideration other than giving them the physical and emotional space to labor.

The "giving up" or feeling out of control may be recognized by comments the mother makes. It is not uncommon for a mother to say, "I can't do this," or "I need something." Recognize that this is not the mother asking for medication, but for help. She can no longer handle the labor the way she has been, and she needs to do something different.

Please, keep us in your prayers. We would really like to get our son's case through court before the courts close in early August. Thanks.


E said...

Adoption was different than labor for me. I was in active labor during my wait for referral. For me, the waiting for court date was the transition phase - unfortunately, it wasn't the shortest part of labor, though it was the most painful. But, I do remember feeling such a sense of empowerment when when I was laboring in my pregnancy...and that was so amazing!

I pray God will give you a sense of empowerment, hope and peace!!! I hope & pray your referral news comes very soon! Hang in there!


InGod'sHands said...


Rebecca K.

Andrea said...

I wanted you to know I just thought of you right now and got goose bumps and was led to pray for you. You have been waiting and I know it is so hard. I can't wait to hear news of your referral! I am hoping I will get the chance to hold your little one when I finally get to travel. :)


Carpenters said...

We're praying for you.

With Love,

Jenica said...

We are praying for you! If you need me to come over and be your doula just let me know :-)



the Steiger's said...

I am so sorry. I know this must be hard. There is no easy way in adoption. Believe me it is all worth it at the end. God has everything under control and it will all come in His time. I am praying for you and your family.
love, Lenka

HeatherV said...

I keep checking your blog hoping you are out of transition :)

We actually have a lot in common as I did natural childbirth, only breastfed, and co-sleep. I tried the clothe diapers but not for too long.

Keep hoping and praying ya'll hear soon!

Jean said...

I just know your referral will soon be here! I'm sure God will soon allow both of us to travel to bring our precious children home. We can't wait to share in the joy of adoption with you!

Keep thinking positive thoughts and we'll be praying for you!
Jean & Scott