Friday, May 9, 2008

SEEK Family Night & Field Trip!

Yesterday, was our last day of home school co-op. It is a relief, but we are sad that we will miss a lot of our friends over the summer. To end the semester, we have Family Night where the dads and grandparents come to see what the children have learned. Marissa nailed her lines describing the function on the brain and was the cutest mouse ever in her drama class! Jeremy did a great job with his introduction to the Jewish holiday, Purim, and we got to see his notebook full of animal drawings! Great job, guys! Annika declared the night, "BOR-ING!"

Today, our home school group went to Fox Hollow Farms where we learned about hydroponic farming, bees, beef, and fowl. Barry & Sherry Penland were great with the kids. Farmer Barry is very passionate about his livelihood, so he was an enthusiastic tour guide! The kids all got to pick a cup full of very yummy strawberries, and we bought some beef jerky and farm fresh eggs. We had omelets for dinner, and they were very tasty!

(Those are strawberries growing hydroponically in the background.)

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the Steiger's said...

Wow, you are a busy mom. Sounds like fun. I haven't done a homeschool co-op yet since it is still too expensice for me and not worth it for one class just for Sam. But we do field trips all the time. Just on our own or with our friens.

Team Dragovich said...

Hey, that looked like a fun farm trip! How far is it from Sanford? I love to go to farms, and I especially love to listen to enthusiastic farmers tell about their farming methods-- I'm serious!! That is weird, isn't it?? We're finally finished putting up our garden. I'm going to take pics of it and post it on our blog this week. I hope we really grow something! :D