Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Soccer Saturday!

Yesterday, both Jeremy & Marissa had their last soccer games of the season. This has been a really fun time for all of us.

It all started at 8:30 AM (again) with Jeremy's Team Dynamo. He played full back for most of the game. He did some of his trademark roaring at the other team, and Dynamo won in the end. (Not because of the roaring!)

After their game, Coach Steve and Coach Seth had an awards ceremony for the team. Jeremy received awards for being part of the "Frozen 8." The 8 players who played that first week when it was freezing with gale winds got this! He and two others also won "loudest players!" Each boy, was presented with a special, personalized trophy, (read the inscription!) and the coaches took turns saying nice things about the players and their game. It was super nice.

Thank-you Coach Steve & Coach Seth for a wonderful season!

Marissa was a "Lady Penguin." It was amazing to watch the little girls figure out the game of soccer. They really had it going on by the last few games! They were excited to win their last game!

This is what was left of her team by the last game. Some aspects of this season were disappointing, but Marissa had fun. Good thing they only needed 5 girls to play.

After soccer, we went to swim team kick-off! Here we go...


Team Dragovich said...

Oh man, you guys do swim team? I have always been scared to go the swim team route-- in MD, it was every day, for all June and July and then meets on the weekends... a lot of our friends did it though. I'm still tired from soccer!! :)

I'm going to the NCHE conference this weekend!! YEAH!!! I wish you were going and we could meet :( Is there anything you know you need that I could look for, for you?? I might find a deal at the curriculum fair...

the Steiger's said...

You are one bussy family. I am looking forward to soccer in the fall.