Monday, May 19, 2008

JAM Session '08!

Yesterday, we opened up the JAM Factory for production! (For those who don't know, we refer to Jeremy, Annika, and Marissa as "JAM.") After William came home from church, (we all went to service Saturday night) we lathered up in sun-block and headed out to the country to pick our favorite...STRAWBERRIES! We ended up with 5 buckets full which weighed between 4-5 pounds each!

Mom and Dad tag team the washing, stemming, mashing, cooking, and pouring. We've got it down to a science.

Marissa was more than happy to label the tops with "08" for us. She'd giggle each time one sealed and popped when she touched them! She also helped mash the strawberries. Jeremy and Annika just picked and ate the berries. They weren't much help with the jam!

Here is our bountiful harvest! We made 3 double batches of jam and 1 double batch of syrup for waffles and pancakes!! YUM-O!! If you would like our recipe, buy a box of "Sure-Jell!" (We have had no luck with the liquid, so we stick with the powder in the box.)

(Our photo of the jars is inspired by our friend, Penelope!)


Rob & Candy said...

mmmm... you are making my mouth water!

Jori said...

I love, love, love Strawberry jam!! You go girl, it looks great!
Blessings, Jori

the Steiger's said...

Wow. I still have so much strawberry jam left form last year. But you better believe that as soon as the berries are ready here in NH we will head out.

Carpenters said...

The JAM Factory did an amazing job! I love the jam picture. I'm so jealous. Strawberries don't ripen until June for us. I have to wait to do my strawberry picking. I haven't made strawberry syrup yet, but that sounds yummy. I'll definitely try it this year.

With Love,

shawn and tisha said...

Mmmmm....That looks sooo good! :)