Friday, February 15, 2008

Paper Me!

Marissa has been dying for me to sit down and play with her paper doll book for quite some time. Today, I plopped down in the floor. I was allowed to choose the outfit and tape them to the body. Then Marissa promptly found and added the babies. It is me with Ethiopian twins -a boy and a girl!

We have officially requested a boy between 0-24 months OR a boy and a sibling in the same age range which would cover boy twins or boy and girl twins or the unlikely sibling set with both under 2 years but not twins.

Both Marissa & Annika are clinging to the very remote possibility that we'll get them a baby brother AND a baby sister! I say if God wants that for our family, it will happen, but from down here, it doesn't look like it will.

I *know* that they will LOVE their baby brother like crazy!

I'm planning on making a batch of SILKS this weekend. We also have an address to send a tax deductible contribution to assist with our agency fees and travel expenses if anybody would like... Just email us, and we'll send you the information. Thanks!

Also, our friends, the Tennants, are selling the *BEST* caramel corn we've ever tasted! Click here to read about and buy some caramel corn to help support their adoption!

Annika's cast comes off next Wednesday! It sure does STINK! She's a trooper!

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Rob & Candy said...

is the cast off? Is she in the tub soaking??
I love the paper mommy holding the babies. Are you going to save it?