Thursday, February 21, 2008

Annika's Arm Update

Annika got her cast off yesterday. We knew that her bones had shifted after the cast was put on, so I knew that her arm would not be perfectly straight.

After the cast was cut off, I couldn't look for a bit. The technician said that it was more bowed than normal, and I made myself look. It is quite bowed. I tried to hide the tears from Annika.

Annika has good range of motion in her arm, is using her it already, and is happy to have her cast off. She hasn't noticed that it doesn't look like the other one or that anything may be wrong.

The doctor continues to assure me that in "a few" months her arm will look "normal" again. Please, pray that her arm will grow straight and strong and that we won't have any more issues with it.

I am so over the broken arm drama.

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Andrea said...

Oh, poor thing and poor momma! I will be praying that her arm straightens out.