Saturday, February 23, 2008


Earlier this month, I emailed William's cousin's wife, Trisha, to wish her a happy birthday, and she mentioned that her cousin, Delisa, was adopting from Ethiopia also. It just so happens, that a woman named Delisa is in our agency's Ethoipian adoption Yahoo! group! Now, how many people named "Delisa" would be adopting from Ethiopia at the moment? She is the ONE!

As I figure it, William is first cousins with Aaron, and Delisa is first cousins with Trisha, and Aaron and Trisha are married to each other making William and Delisa "first cousins-in-law!" :-D

Delisa and her husband, Phil, have 4 children and are adopting a sibling group of 3! (Hats off to them!) They will be traveling soon! Follow their journey to Ethiopia here!

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Jill Coen said...

Small, small world! It's great that you connected. :)