Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"4 to 7-Month Wait"

Here we are! We are officially in the window of time in which we were told that our child(ren) *should* be referred to us! Yesterday, we hit 4 months! Our 4-7 month window is from February 5 to June 5, so sometime during the next three months, we *should* get our wonderful news!

Last night, I had a dream that we hadn't received a referral, but I got a letter giving us a court date of November 11. I was so excited to have a court date, although it did occur to me that this was very far out and after the rainy season even... I was crying and so happy to have the hope of getting our child home!

We are praying for the 7 families with their children's cases in court this week, and we know that more referrals are to come in February.

Update 2/6/08: 2 families with 4 children made it though court today!

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Rob & Candy said...

Susan, Nov 11? Heavens, that's a long time away. The date means a great deal to me, it's the day we left for Russia to get Igor!
praying for referrals & courts dates much sooner than 11/11