Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Silky Fundaiser!

To help raise money for our adoption, we are dying and selling silks in the colors of the Ethiopian flag. If you order soon, you'll have them just in time for Christmas!

The silks are 35" x 35" and come in a set of four, red, yellow, green, & blue, for $30.

FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S.!

Both sizes of silks are 8 mm Habotai silk are are dyed with professional-quality fiber reactive dyes. As with all hand-dyed things, there is variation in the color. (The girls are demonstrating the silks that we had already, so they're different colors.)

I made our first set of LARGE silks several years ago for our children, and they have endured much play! We've seen them used as blankets, a play tent, peek-a-boo, dress-up, carrying toys around, etc... They especially make great capes for flying around! Boys like them too!

The LARGE silks can also be used by ladies who don't want the wind to muss their hair or as a belt or scarf about the neck.

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!

You can use the PayPal button below or contact us to make other arrangements.

Thank-you! (Scroll down to purchase.)

SOLD OUT 4/16/08


Anonymous said...

I'm really behind on the YG and blog reading. We have workmen in the house again this week!
I'm so glad I stopped in this morning. I will be ordering one of the large silks- in yellow for Igor, I beleive but I want to discuss with Rob... we probably will need a second one for little brother.

Susan said...

The come in sets of FOUR silks, so they're ready to share with siblings!

Carpenters said...

We got our silks and they are beautiful! (We received them a couple of weeks ago, but I'm a little behind.) Our little ones will definitely love playing with these. If mommy brain hasn't gotten the best of me, I'll send pictures of them. Thank you.

With love,