Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 13th Birthday, Jasmine!

Thirteen years ago on New Year's Eve, William & I went to the NC State fairgrounds to see the puppies. Little did we know that our Jasmine was waiting there for us to take her home! As we wandered around, a little boy approached me and asked if I wanted to hold the puppy. She was so round and cute -she looked like a teddy bear with pink tummy. We were both smitten!

We went home and researched her breed. She's a keeshond (kayz-hund). We found that they are a beautiful breed and are very good with children. We popped by an ATM and made her ours!

This past March, we almost lost our good friend. She grew very ill, and the doctors found that she had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her spleen and had to have surgery before her spleen ruptured. She is feeling much better now, and we hope that she has some happy, healthy years ahead!

Jasmine is spending the day lounging and will enjoy her special birthday treat -peanut butter-flavored yogurt drops! YUM!

11/21/07 -We made the mistake of letting the kids taste the dog teats, and the LOVE them and are begging for more! I wouldn't write this if the homestudy wasn't finished. HA! HA! ~S

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Beth said...

I'm very glad you found the tumor. We lost our dog this past April for this exact problem. He never showed any sign of ailment. 7 months later, we have a new puppy, Angus, and he is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving-

shawn and tisha said...

Dogs are so great! Our dog, Sweetie, is just a little over a year old and she has been such a great addition to our family. I'm glad Jasmine is feeling better. :)
Tisha (awaa yg)