Friday, November 2, 2007

Referral Revelation!

We had some questions about the referral process, so William called our agency and spoke with our family coordinator. For some reason, I had it in my head that some "powers that be" in Ethiopia were reviewing our paperwork and matching us with a child or two. However, we were enlightened today when we found out that it is actually our agency in Virgina that gets files for available children and matches them up with the child requests found nearest to the top of the pile of dossiers! (Did anybody else know this?)

It almost feels like the "Great and Powerful Oz" has been exposed, and it's the AWAA staff behind the curtain!! I feel dumb, but it is also a relief in a way! The whole process isn't in a black box as I thought it was!

The October 3rd referral group got their court dates today for next Wednesday, November 7. They are expected to travel in early December!! Congratulations, y'all!

Since we do not have a referral, we most likely will NOT be traveling in 2007 which is a bit of a relief since both of the girls' birthdays are in December. I suppose our baby could have a December birthday too, but I surely do hope not!! Ha! Ha! (We would take him/them anyway!)


Kari Gibson said...

We also had our "revelation" from Laurel several months ago. There ARE agencies that do not "choose" the referrals for families, but the in-country hand in hand with orphanages. Our friends went thru Wide Horizons in ET and their son was referred from their orphanage. AWAA just does things a little different. We have been praying for Laurel & the team for guidance & wisdom as they match families with their children.
Thanks for your post!! :)
Kari (awaa)

Beth said...

That's interesting - I also assumed it it happening on the Ethiopia side. Now I'm going to check it out with our agency!

Tisha said...

I thought the matching was being done in Ethiopia too! Thanks for passing on this info.
Tisha (awaa yg)
ps - I love the comparison to the great and powerful oz :)

Katie Redfern said...

This is very interesting! I thought it was also going to be Girmachew in Ethiopia. Wow. All the more reason to pray for Laurel!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Yeah, now I'm wishing that we had sent in a $2000 post placement deposit!

E said...

I had no idea! Thanks so much for sharing this information. I need to start asking more questions!


E said...

We did send in $2000 & were still referred one.