Friday, September 5, 2008

September Update on Benaiah!


M***** is on Nan-1 formula which is for children under 6 months.


M***** is a good sleeper, and wakes twice during the night for a bottle. He takes a couple of naps during the day.


M***** is so happy, smiley, and loves interacting with people.


M*****’s skin is a beautiful shade of brown. He is petite, yet very strong! You’ll often find him doing some sort bending /stretching movement on the floormat…He is crawling/scooting himself around, and gets on top of the other babies and makes them mad! Recently he has started to pull himself up on the Bumbo seat to stand up. His little legs wobble a bit, but he just stands there smiling!


M***** has been very healthy since the last update.


Current weight: 13 pounds (August weight)

We are still scheduled for the October 8th court date with tentative travel dates of October 24 - October 31.


Jori said...

We got our 1st update today as well!!! I was so excitted when I checked my email!! They are growing so fast and so every day I have to remind myself it is one day closer!!! One day at a time right now for sure! Come on miracle October!!!!
love ya, jori

ethiHOPEia said...

Oh that is so great! I want an update too! :)
Glad that things are progressing well, we'll be praying for your court date!!!

jill coen said...

Sounds like a natural born leader! :) I can't wait much longer to meet ya'll. What's your schedule looking like? We don't mind coming your way...

HeatherV said...

So nice ya'll get updates and great to hear he is doing so well. Almost one month till 10/8. Will be praying ya'll pass this time around.

Lori said...

Susan, that is great. We got our update too. It is fun to hear about our little ones and be a little closer to bringing them home. We have a court date somewhere around there also.