Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Checking In...

This past weekend was SO BUSY! Our garage sale made $120 over the two days. We've decided that we are too nice and let people have stuff for less that it is worth. We are grateful to have this extra money though and will be opening the garage next Saturday morning to try to bless strangers with more stuff. Thanks so those who have donated things to sell! You're stuff is selling better than ours!

Saturday night, William and I fixed the washing machine! (He is to post on that eventually.) We are so over repair companies!

Sunday was a day of meetings. Jeremy had a meeting for Awana youth leaders. Yes, Jeremy is an Awana leader! He has aged out mom's church's program, but is too young to move on to the next part, so he is working with Kindergarten Sparks! I had a meeting at the aquatic center with Jeremy's year-round team, and William had a meeting with the other Awana Cubbies leaders. He is in Annika's class this year.

Marissa lost a tooth Sunday night.

Annika skipped lunch yesterday and is now throwing up and unable to hold down anything. She does this. We cannot come out on the winning end of making her eat what is on her plate...

Here is something to make you smile!!! (Especially if you grew up in the 80's!)

Cut and paste this if that didn't work: http://www.badmintonstamps.com/downloads/anka-jump.mp3


Jori said...

3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! I am so excitted for you guys!! Praying for miracle October and MOWA!!! Go get that boy!!!
love ya, jori

Dee said...

Hey! Any money helps, huh! :)
I know what you mean about the "eating what's on your plate" thing. Lately I just shake my head, throw my hands up and pray that God would change the food situation in our kids!!! LOL You know, I've actually seen some change! LOL I guess our hard-head (Christoph) will need a bit more prayer! :)
Take care,
PS how's the packing going? Ready for October??? :)

Dee said...

Opps! The last post didn't show who it was from at the top...weird.
It's me... Amy L. :)

Team Dragovich said...

Hey there! You guys sound as busy as us! I'm so sad that I can't make the baby shower. I would have been squeezing too much into a 12 hour period :). Somehow we will get together. I think Jill and I may be heading back to the market here in the next couple of weeks. Can you meet us? Tell me what days you think will work.. I know you must be getting crazy busy preparing for your ET trip-- getting closer! :)


Terri said...

so it is Paul Anka that's doing Van Halen or Van Halen doing Paul Anka? ;-)