Sunday, September 28, 2008

The First Year-Round Swim Meet

In early September, Jeremy began swimming with one of our area's year-round teams. He wants to compete, so we signed him up for the first swim meet that was hosted by his team.

The meet was named the "Wave IMX."

Turns out that the "X" stands for "eXtreme challenge." Oops!

So our 10 year-old who is used to swimming 25 yards with the summer league swam a 200-meter individual medley, a 100-meter butterfly, a 100-meter backstroke, a 100-meter breaststroke, and a 200-meter freestyle today. Oops. But, he did it!!! He is very tired now.

This will make him stronger, right?

This kind of reminded me of the first season that we signed Jeremy up for summer swim team. He could not swim across the pool and was very upset at me for signing him up.

William had his first year-round timing experience while a listened to the girls whine for 3 hours. (That was not a first.)

Our dear friend and social worker, Rebecca, stopped by the transition home while in Ethiopia picking up her new son and took some adorable photos of our Benaiah! We were shocked to see that he is BALD, but he is adorable all the same. We'd rather see him bald than buggy!

Court is still scheduled for OCTOBER 8.

Tentative travel is OCTOBER 25.

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E said...

Bald is much better than buggy, indeed!!! We noticed Abel got a haircut like that...and I'm happy to report that (unlike many others who were there at the same time) he did not come home with lice!!!

I've been recommending people take their baby boys for a hair cut right after they get them in ET just in case. I was such a worry wart about lice for weeks after he came home because some other babies came home and their parents found lice. Anywho...I didn't get his shaved there, but it's a simple thing to do and gives you a chance to recover from the trip before you have to start learning how to do their hair. Though...I love doing his hair...he's workin' a super cute fro these days. He usually just wears it curly & cute, but that does take some brush work & product. :) Sorry for rambling...have a great week!!! I'm praying about court!!!