Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amusing Ourselves with Photos While We Wait

My friend Amy with whom we will hopefully travel *next month* has asked us to share the silly things that we do with our baby's photo.

Of course, Benaiah's photo is the wallpaper on our computer -although, he looks a little chunkier because he's stretched.

All five of us and my mom have little brag books filled with his photos. Snapfish ships copies to Grandma & Grandpa in Ohio also.

OK. Here is the silly part... We have these little photo holders that have a clip on them to hold the photo. The kids get behind a chair and hold the photos up over the top and have a Benaiah puppet show. The Benaiah puppets talk about how they want to go home.

The Benaiah puppet also likes to ask to nurse when I am pumping...

We'll leave it at that.


beBOLDjen said...

Aaaahhh Hhhhhaaahhhhaaa. That's funny :)

The kids have been blowing kisses eastward towards Africa often lately. They also like to snuggle Jonas' stuffed elephant and give it kisses.

Oh the things we do when we're missin' our babies......

kangaj1 said...

HILARIOUS!!! I cracked up so loudly when I read this!! Your family is too funny!

We don't do anything too crazy around here. I was so proud of Aidan today though. We've been talking with him for at least a month about sharing some toys he doesn't play with anymore with the kids in ET who don't have toys. When I brought it up again today, he didn't freak out like usual but was excited and put together a grocery bag full! We still have more toys to go through, but I was so proud and so in awe of the work God is doing in his little heart!

Jori said...

To FUNNY!!! You are a brave soul - and a "crazy" fun family!! :):) I don't see Amy posting anything like this ?!?!?!
Counting down to court!!!
love, jori

Karen said...

Hi Susan - Hang in there - we are closer than ever!!! I looked for video of your sweet boy but there were no clues to help identify the babies. I'm sure you will spot him right away - a mother's instict you know! with love - Karen Wistrom

Lori said...

Hi Susan, It sounds like it time for the Schmidt Family to travel. Thank you for sharing that with us. After reading the YG I now know which little one was yours on the video. Very Cute! Ours was falling asleep drinking his bottle in the walker.
Have a great weekend!