Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not the News We Wanted...

The families who received their referrals in mid-October found out today that MOWA (Ministry of Women's and Children's Affairs) has asked the court not to grant any court dates because they are overloaded. MOWA is responsible for reviewing the dossiers and approving the placement of the children before the case goes to court to make the adoption final. Our agency's country representative is scheduled to go to court on Thursday to ask for a court date. Hopefully, the judge will have mercy on the children and families who are waiting and grant them one soon.

All of us whose dossiers have been submitted received an email today offering us a referral for a "special needs" child, a little 7 month-old baby girl who is HIV-positive. I pray that one of the families who is desperately waiting for their baby girl will have the courage to claim her as their daughter!

UPDATE 1/16/08 10:00 AM: It hit me this morning that if the folks at AWAA are working to place this baby girl, they may be working on more! That is encouraging. We are probably not going to get a referral this round, but it will get us closer!

Silks are still available. I have one set made right now and am planning on dying again soon.


Scott said...

Hang in there, we know how the wait can be. We are sure that God has a plan and the courts will not get in the way of them. Hope you all have a great New Year and enjoy it.

Jill Coen said...

Susan, I had the same thought about possibly more referrals being worked on. Praying!! Hope you guys have fun at the restaurant. Can't wait until we can join you. :)
love, jill