Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mema's Birthday, Annika's Arm

Last night we celebrated Barbara's (Susan's mom) birthday with the gang. We had one of Mema's favorites -hamburger- with chips, dip and black cherry IBC. YUM. Patti made the beautiful double-decker iced chocolate chip cookie. It was also very yummy! Happy Birthday, Mema!

Looks like there is room for more!

Annika's visit to the orthopedist went well on Monday. We left Jeremy & Marissa with friends so that William could come with us. The doctor assured us that since Annika is only 4, she has lots of growing to do, and her arm will straighten in time. He says that her arm may not even have a noticeable curve when the cast comes off or maybe one that only he, the doctor, and I, the mom, will notice. The risks of surgery are greater than the risk of leaving it to mend, so he did his job of convincing us (for the most part) that she will be OK.

Annika's arm will be healed after another week, but she is wearing her nasty, stinky cast for 3 more weeks just to have the protection longer. We will be happy to see "Sarah," her right hand again. "Maggie," her left hand, is getting to be a very good colorer!

Friends of ours who began the Ethiopian adoption process at the same time we did got their referral from their agency last week! We are so happy for them, but wish we could go get our son with them! There should be a batch of AWAA referrals soon...


shawn and tisha said...

I'm glad to hear that Annika's arm, or should I say "Sarah", is healing well. :)

Jean said...

Exciting news that your referral could be here very soon! We are so happy for you guys! Keep us posted.

Scott and Jean

Heidi said...

getting so close!!!